Brew house and construction

We have received our brew house equipment and placed into storage. We continue to negotiate and finalize our construction plans. Should be submitting permits this next week.

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Education, Compliance and Construction

It is my firm belief you can never know too much. To that end, I attend a one-week brewing class at UC Davis, Intensive Brewing Science. Met a number of people from all over the world through this class. Gain some new insights on the handling of yeast. It’s always a pleasure to interact with […]

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Architect and Contractors

Met with our architect today to review construction bids. Some of the bids were just outrageous. We are seeking some addition bids for specific work to see if we can’t reign-in some of the costs. It’s going to force us to delay a bit longer on build-out, but we have to watch our available capital. […]

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