Meet the Brews


Belgian Malinois Summer Saison

Style:Saison ABV:5.9 IBU:24 Gravity:12.3

Mexican Xoloitzcuintli (Xolo) Session Lager

Style:Mexican-Style Vienna Lager ABV:4.9 IBU:22 Gravity:11.2

American Staffordshire Double IPA

Style:Double IPA ABV:8.0 IBU:92 Gravity:17.5

Irish Wolfhound Extra Stout

Style:Irish Stout ABV:6.3 IBU:37 Gravity:14.5

Belgian Shepherd Winter Saison

Style:Saison ABV:8.5 IBU:25 Gravity:18.2

English Bulldog IPA

Style:India Pale Ale ABV:6.2 IBU:55 Gravity:15.4

American Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Chessie) Pale Ale

Style:Pale Ale ABV:5.1 IBU:39 Gravity:12.1

English Black Lab Porter

Style:English-Style Dark Porter ABV:5.7 IBU:33 Gravity:14.4


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