Education, Compliance and Construction

Education, Compliance and Construction

It is my firm belief you can never know too much. To that end, I attend a one-week brewing class at UC Davis, Intensive Brewing Science. Met a number of people from all over the world through this class. Gain some new insights on the handling of yeast. It’s always a pleasure to interact with the professors from the brewing department at UCD.

Then, there is the other issue of getting all of the compliance ducks in a row. We have filed for our TTB Brewer’s Permit, the federal license required for our brewery. Now, we’re in the process of completing and filing all the necessary paperwork for the California ABC, much of which is duplicated from the TTB filings.

Finally, it appears we have a contractor! We have a final design meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Afterwards, it should be possible to finalize and submit our construction plans and designs for permitting. Hopefully, we can start breaking ground in February. I have brewery equipment waiting to ship and need a place to put it!


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