The Return of Restrictions

The Return of Restrictions

On Monday, June 29th, Governor Newsom re-instituted restrictions for breweries effecting 19 counties in California. So, what does that mean for Dreaming Dog Brewery?

For us, we are going backward a few weeks. However, it also means we are working to keeps others safe from this devastating virus. Too many people have decided it’s better to argue about wearing a mask or needing to party with friends causing a huge increase in diagnosed Covid-19 cases. In reality, the mask isn’t about the person wearing it and the distancing isn’t about the isolation. It’s about protecting those surrounding you, including family and friends.

For our business, it means we are allowed to sell curbside for take-out beers. Also, we are able to have outside seating with draft beers when there is food service. So, July 10th and 11th, our friends from The Q BBQ will be serving food and our patio will be open for seating. And on July 11th, we will host The Taylor Chicks for a little acoustic music on the patio, too.

It is a hard and confusing time for everyone: those with children having to home-school or finding alternative child-care, or those caring for family elders that are at much greater risk for serious complications from Covid-19. It’s hard to wrap your head around all of this, but we need to care more about our community than our own ideology. I look forward to the day when it’s possible to shake hands or give a hug again. I miss seeing family and friends, though I am blessed to have my customer visitations.

Be careful, be well, and come visit us for a beer: take-home or on Fridays and Saturdays for a draft beer and a meal. We love seeing our customers and friends and cherish the moments of sharing what’s going on in your life and family.


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