We continue the struggle

We continue the struggle

We continue facing difficult times at Dreaming Dog Brewery. Our landlord, California Northstate University (CNU), continues its campaign of half truths and misinformation regarding the building of their hospital. This hospital will displace our business and destroy the Stonelake Landing shopping center.

With all of the noise created by CNU, our customer base is questioning whether we are still in business, which is causing our revenues to drop and further threatens our survival. Though not explicitly stated, this appears to be CNU’s ultimate plan, to force us out of business at no cost to them. What cost you may ask? If they were being fair, CNU would pay-out our lease (12 years remaining), compensate for lost revenue for those remaining years, and pay for our construction costs. We have attempted to negotiate a fair settlement, but they refuse to communicate with us or our attorney, all the while exclaiming they are dealing fairly with all the Stonelake Landing businesses.

As our business dwindles, we are struggling to make sufficient revenue to cover our expenses. In short, I’m not sure how much longer we will be able to survive.


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